Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions arise when travelers start the process of traveling around the world. We wanted to address the more commonly asked questions. Of course, travelers can ask GSSA associates any other questions at any time.

Can GSSA plan, coordinate, and execute all types of trips, tours, and events?
Yes, absolutely! If you can imagine a trip, we can organize it. More unique or specialized trips might need a few more days to plan, but we are confident GSSA can provide a great trip to any group coming from any location.
Are GlobalGoSEE Trips limited to the ones described on the GSSA site?
The current GlobalGoSEE Trips listed are not exhaustive of locations GSSA is willing to go. Anyone can suggest a trip, and if there is interest, we would gladly make appropriate plans to visit locations not yet listed.
Is GSSA primarily interested in getting International Travelers to the USA?
We enjoy working with our foreign guests and desire to expand opportunities for multiple nations to send their citizens to experience special programs available to them in the USA. However, GSSA is an organization that is interested in expanding opportunities wherever they exist.
Does GSSA work with public groups or private groups exclusively?
Great question. GSSA desires to work with anyone interested in traveling overseas for either a relaxing adventure tour, a special missions trip, or to expand international experiences. We enjoy working with high schools, colleges and universities, home-school groups, civic and community action groups, and any other individual or group desiring a quality travel tour.
Can a group of individuals unrelated to each other organize a trip with GSSA?
Absolutely, Yes.
How does GSSA handle trips to global hotspots?
GSSA avoids areas of the world where the State Department issues travel warnings. GSSA is unlikely to tour in places where there is growing national tensions, elevated travel risks, or decreasing levels of ground support to address potential medical and safety risks.

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