Financial Information

Note: Global Signature Services Agency is professionally advised by and audited through Barnett Financial & Tax, Inc., a reputable financial firm. 

Methods of Payment

1. Mail a check (USD)

Mail check, payable to Global Signature Services Agency, to:

W10085 Pike Plains Rd.
Dunbar, WI 54119 USA

Checks returned by the bank for NSF are subject to all NSF check fees, approximately $12 (USD) per check.

2. Use PayPal (Use Form Below)

3. Wire funds (USD) electronically

The sender and the receiver are responsible for any wire transfer fees charged by their respective institution. Contact for wire transfer information.

Refund Policy

Global Signature Services Agency will give travelers a refund (amount paid in USD) for any GSSA service, except for: pre-registration fees, taxes, 10% restocking fees, shipping, special orders, admission tickets, prepaid services, financial institution fees (i.e., NSF fees, wire transfer fees, etc.), clerical fees that cannot be refunded, discounts given by GSSA, or any GSSA rewards. Send requests for refunds to Please include your contact information and the reason for your refund request. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible.

Financial Payment via PayPal

Payment Amount
Enter the amount you want to pay (USD). Then click on "Next."

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