Our Values

Excellence: We want to provide services that exceed expectations. Our focus will be on delivering consistent quality to our loyal and satisfied travelers.

Integrity: We will treat others with respect, honesty, and fairness. Our relationships with vendors, travel guests, and fellow associates are centered on treating others as we would desire to be treated.

Creativity: We believe that creative approaches to scheduling and programming issues will allow GSSA to bring greater satisfaction to each traveler and associate. If a trip isn’t listed, we will work with the traveler’s interests and input to creatively bring programs that satisfy.

Good Work: We believe that working hard, working wise, and working fast are key ingredients to good work.

Hospitality: We believe each traveler, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or any other characteristic, should be treated friendly, with consistent care; gracious kindness; and human dignity at all times.

"Can Do" Attitude: GSSA works at saying YES. We are committed to bringing resolution to issues quickly with both deference and understanding. Our commitment to organizational core values is non-negotiable, but our commitment to help our travelers have a great trip is something we can continually pursue.

Value: We believe in bringing value to each trip by examining each and every detail of trips, tours, and events to guarantee the greatest satisfaction possible. At the end of any trip, it is our desire to hear that the whole trip was well worth the investment.