Management Team

Global Signature Services Agency is a group of travel and program professionals who understand international travel concerns and are committed to ensure a pleasant and professional experience to all. We consult and contract with other service providers to guarantee best travel arrangements. GSSA is a support organization that provides absolute services and events for interested travelers.

Jeff Kahl

Founder, President, and CEO GSSA International

Jeff has vast experience in planning and leading international travel groups. ​In addition, he has a combined 30+ years of experience in the camping and education fields, including leading several successful non-profit organizations. His sense of kindness and graciousness, along with his gift to administrate large projects, brings helpful and healthy partnerships with associates, national leaders, tour groups, and GSSA's host of recruiters, travel professionals, and network of committed friends and colleagues.

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Debbie Shook

Executive Associate for Founder/President

Debbie brings exceptional clerical and administrative excellence to those seeking timely trip quotes, finalized trip schedules, documents, and procedures. She helps provide ‘real-time’ reports to guarantee that each group has concerns answered in a timely fashion. Her priority role is to assist GSSA leadership with organized and efficient processes that create healthy, happy, and productive relationships with GSSA colleagues, partners, recruiters, and the many others that interact with the President.

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Rick Barnett

Financial Advisor

Rick Barnett opened his financial firm, Barnett Financial & Tax, Inc., in 1990. Since then he has consulted thousands of clients in budgeting, tax and retirement planning, pensions, investments, and estate planning. In addition, he has conducted financial education workshops at churches, Christian schools, hospitals, associations, and businesses throughout Michigan and North Carolina. He has also been featured on many television and radio shows, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and his own radio show. He has been a featured columnist in many publications on a local, regional, and national level. One can order his helpful financial book, True North, on Amazon.

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John Li

Senior Advisor to the President

John worked as an English Instructor and then in the International Office at his Alma Mater university in China for six years. While in China, he was in charge of recruiting students from the Western Countries to pursue Chinese Studies at his Alma Mater. He came to the U.S. in 1996 to obtain his B.S in Business Management and then an MBA in IT. He worked as a Senior Applications Engineer and an IT Project Manager. He’s experienced in Business\Financial Analysis, IT Management, and Contract Negotiation. He volunteers as the Standing Vice Principal at the leading Chinese School in Central Virginia. He’s experienced in offering a one-stop shop of International Education Consulting Services to Chinese students who want to study in the U.S. (K to Graduate), Job Hunting, Immigration, Real Estate and Financial Services. He has partnered with GSSA to advise the President and CEO to develop world-class international programs.

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Xu Chong

Global Senior Recruiter China

Xu Chong is a significant, collaborative partner in China who is mobilizing a multitude of interested groups to utilize the Northland Campus in conjunction with GSSA, along with other participating campuses. Xu is a seasoned, successful business owner of multiple companies throughout China, and he maintains significant relationships in Asia within the government and private sector, including universities, which will advance the interests of GSSA globally. He is a respected and gracious business friend with many other influential and powerful investors who desire opportunities in the USA with GSSA leading the charge.

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Kurt Skelly

Senior Advisor to the President

Kurt is the senior pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is a close personal friend with the Founder. With over 25 years of pastoral and education experience, Kurt brings stabilizing wisdom to the many details surrounding international student groups and travel arrangements. Kurt also is a favorite conference speaker for young people, adults, educators, and leaders throughout the world. In addition, Kurt enjoys hosting several Israel study trips annually. Kurt is a master at strategic planning and purpose-driven programming in multiple settings. His role is to consult the President on key strategic partnerships and strategies especially in the education, touring, and relationship-development areas.

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Shiping Liu

Senior Advisor for Pacific Rim Development

Shiping has valuable experience in Sino-U.S. relationships, cultural exchange, trade, and education for over three decades. He shows strong passion for the better future life of millennials in the world by teaching English and Chinese. He consults on GSSA's daily operation of the business in the USA in between his busy schedule running his own business. His sense of humor, faithfulness, and understanding of Asian and USA culture bring great benefit to GSSA. His future role will increase as GSSA advances its programs and global impact.

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Derek Swales

Senior Advisor to the President

Derek has helped schools and camps double and triple their income streams while understanding and utilizing global education trends. Networking private schools, colleges, and camps with the international community has provided many win-win relationships. Derek's success record and innovative approach will inspire a renewed vision for the multiple GSSA Global Spotlight Schools coming under the umbrella of GSSA's umbrella of supervision and recruitment. Derek is a key advisor to the President in these and many other areas.

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Hanmiao ("Sally") Xiao-Knight

Senior International Communications Advisor

Mrs. Hanmiao Knight (MA. PhD in progress) specializes in intercultural education, language studies, and teaching cross culturally. Hanmiao is experienced in TESOL, TCFL, virtual education, and working with youth and college students. In addition, Sally currently lives on the Northland Campus for more than seven years and has first-hand experience with facility capabilities and GSSA operations. While still working on the arduous task of meeting academic deadlines, doing regular family routines, Sally is willing to help in between roles to communicate vision, strategy, and deadlines to key international partners.

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Erik Lewis

Senior Advisor to the President

Erik has spent over 20 years in the classroom teaching both overseas and in inner city public school​s. He has taught in multicultural classrooms and was awarded Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 2002 and 2005. Erik was involved in the planning for his school to be distinguished by the Michigan Department of Education as a Rewards School in 2015, in recognition for significantly outperforming other schools with similar risk factors and demographic set-up. He also received the Teacher Appreciation Award in 2013 and 2014 from his district for Outstanding Performance.

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Zhang Yu Cai ("Rose")

Senior Global (GSSA) Recruiter

Rose has been engaged in the import/export business in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hainan, Hong Kong, and Singapore since the 1980’s. Rose was born in Jilin Province and settled in the United States in 2000, and is registered in the United States (Virginia) and China to promote Sino-US cultural and educational exchange, including services that recruit high school students to USA summer and seasonal camps and events to experience the depth of American culture and to help Chinese students choose USA secondary schools, including universities. Rose is married (Tom) and lives near Washington, D.C. She has teamed up with Global Signature to develop a world-class international program.

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Di Yang ("Todd")

Global Associate Recruiter

Todd, age 38, lives in ShenYang, China. He has dedicated himself to English Education for over 12 years. He knows both American and Chinese cultures. He is an ambitious and self-motivated guy who loves to share his knowledge with people. He is also a GSSA Agent recruiting students from China. He hopes the summer camp project at the Northland Campus could be a life changer or significant experience for Chinese teenagers.

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Grace Lee

Global Senior Recruiter

Grace is joining our GSSA senior recruitment team from Xi'an, China. She graduated from XISU University in 2010, became a Chinese and English teacher in 2011, and founded a language learning center in 2012. Grace continued her charitable work by helping homeless children in remote areas stay in school. In addition, for several years, she planned and organized summer and winter camps for local Chinese students in surrounding community schools to successfully connect American cultural and Chinese cultural experiences. Grace Lee is a fantastic addition to GSSA.

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Corrie Hockaday

Senior Program Field Director

Corrie is a seasoned education program director for a leading USA tour agency where her primary responsibility revolves around Washington, D.C. tours. Because these tours are seasonal, Corrie has agreed to bring her talents, focus, enthusiasm, and leadership skills to GSSA during the months of July-August and January-February. Corrie will provide direct oversight for the daily schedules of our international groups on our participating campuses. She will also train, supervise, and oversee the coaches and counselors.

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Carol Kahl

Hospitality Service Director

Carol has a keen sense to provide delightful service to each traveler; she is committed to provide a consistent, pleasant experience to the adults, sponsors, and educators. In addition, she oversees the trip evaluations that improve trips, tours, and events for each GSSA partner.

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Tour Guides

Tour Guides are carefully chosen based on several leading character and value traits—leadership, personal warmth, timeliness, adventure, discipline, well-groomed, good communicator, encourager, conflict resolution, safety conscious, and other qualities that help achieve a superior trip, tour, or event.