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Additional “Trips, Tours, and Training” are available exclusively through Global Signature Services Agency. Make detail inquiry through

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Because of unpredictable variables related to currency and airfare, all programs and/or events are quoted using US dollar amounts, without airfare. All flights are the responsibility of the parents, agencies, and/or event sponsors.

  1. National Basketball Association (NBA) Trip: Visit the Basketball Hall of Fame, Meet a NBA superstar, and Attend 7-NBA Games in Major Cities. Cost: ​​Contact, plus Airfare. Limit: 35 people. Lodging and Meals Included.

  2. Register for the “Signature Tour Series” which includes visits to significant American landmarks, important U.S. people (politicians, generals, business icons, and American heroes), popular amusement and entertainment destinations, and, of course, the best of shopping. ​This once-in-a-lifetime tour​ starts in Charlotte, North Carolina​. Cost: ​​Contact, plus airfare. Limit: 20 people. Lodging and Meals Included.

  3. Affordable ‘Tourism and Trips’ are also available for student groups, teachers, corporate professionals, families, and special interest groups. We welcome short- or long-term trips. Destination Cities include San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Orlando, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington D.C, New York City, Atlanta, and Boston. Or you may pick a location that fits your group and interest. Other outside U.S. trips are available upon request. No Limit. Price Negotiable.

  4. Family Tours are available for one or more families who desire to have a personal tour guide during their tourism trip. Our tour agent will make sure you get the best deals, stay in the safe areas, and plan your events so you can enjoy your trip with less stress, less trouble, and more fun. Limit: 10 or less people. No age limit. ​Cost: ​​Contact, plus expenses.

  5. Language Intensive Tours and Training (short-term 2-3 weeks or long-term 1-9 months) are available in key areas of the country based on interest, availability, and personal preference. Inquire about this service and be placed with an exclusive language teacher for either English or Spanish.

  6. Executive Leadership Training Seminars: Jeff Kahl is a Licensed, Professional Business Coach through the PBCA (Professional Business Coaching Association) and enjoys helping business leaders and management teams maximize effectiveness and their business’ ‘bottom line.’ His experience of 30+ years with entrepreneurship, higher education, senior management, non-profit leadership, and business operations, gives Jeff the ability to coach international leaders professionally and effectively, one-on-one or in groups, throughout the varied industry markets. Cost: ​​Contact for two options: ​(a) This service is available for​ a monthly fee through Skype, WeChat, or Facetime. It Includes one, 75-minute session monthly and unlimited emails, plus business materials, and (b) For a ​monthly fee, business executives can receive four, 75-minute sessions, plus unlimited phone chats or emails, plus one annual personal visit. In partnership with multiple subject matter experts from Broad Insights and various other outlets, Jeff is eager to develop a coaching relationship that produces results by coming alongside clients. Never overbearing, always a gentleman, Jeff, in his calm and graceful way, eagerly listens and asks the right but probing questions.